1997 Mercury Tracer

Engine Performance problem
1997 Mercury Tracer 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 101000 miles

My car stop running and the mechanic said that the timing belt broke and also broke some valves in the motor. I heard that when the timing belt brakes in the mercury tracer car it is not possible to brake anything else, it is true?
December 30, 2008.

Hello -

I have attached a pic for you see the belt is driven from the bottom of the engine - the crankshaft...that drives or turns the top of the engine where the valves are.

Sometimes - not always....when the belt goes....the bottom of the engine is still moving - the pistons etc.....the top of the engine will not be out of sinc with the pistons and they could bend or brake.

So it is possible.....either which may consider removing the head and having a valve job and head gasket replacement. You do have a number of miles on the vehicle....thus the timing belt this and you should be set up good for the next 100k on the main part of the motor

Dec 30, 2008.