Mercury Lynx

1986 Mercury Lynx, 94000kms, auto, carburated, front wheel drive. New plugs & distributor 1 year old, rebuilt transmission 1yr old. Brand new starter motor.

A few weeks ago my Lynx started cutting out violently while under load, usually while accelerating. It only happens once in a while, and seems to happen less when I shift manually (let the revs get higher). Just wondering if this could possibly be the ignition module, and if not, what else could it be? It started backfiring recently as well, not sure if this is just coincidence. How do I fix backfiring?

Thanks : )
June 8, 2007.

Could be the module, or the timing belt could be stretching. Have you replaced it yet? I think 65,000 is the recomended interval.

Jun 8, 2007.
I don't believe the timing belt has been replaced yet. However, it doesn't make any noise. The car sounds like it runs fine, it just " cuts out" for for a second sometimes.

Jun 8, 2007.