2003 Mazda 6

Transmission problem
2003 Mazda 6 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

I have recently experience jerkiness when accelerating.

When I am driving uphill on cruise control, it shuts off automatically. Usually this happens with a 5th gear, 55-60mph cruise. When it shuts off, I feel as if the gears are slipping, or maybe not enough fuel is being fed.

When my gas tank has less than a quarter tank left, I can hear a hollowish Gargling sound from the back of my car, especially loud when I am making a tight turn. (Such as turning in a garage)
February 18, 2010.

I would measure fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge, if OK, try jacking up one side of car and measure fuel pressure again, if erratic or low, then you may have a fuel pump pickup problem (FP strainer came off, or pressure line in FP is loose).

Could also be a fuel tank baffle broke causing FP pickup problem.

Is your check engine light on?

Feb 19, 2010.
Nope, no check engine light is not on. Also I would hear the hollow gargling sound before my E light comes on.

Feb 19, 2010.
I would still jack up car at an angle to simulate a hard turn and measure fuel pressure, if low or erratic, then you would have to remove FP and inspect pickup and tank baffles.

Feb 20, 2010.