1992 Lincoln Town Car

Electrical problem
1992 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

no exterior lites working, checked all bulbs, replaced head lite switch, still no exterior lites. While replacing head lite switch all running lites came on temporary. After relacing head lite switch only one front running lite works. Tested orange/black incomeing power wire ok. Pin H on lite switch has power when switch is on, no power when turned off. What do I do now? Please HELP me. Carl
Carl Raney
September 18, 2010.

Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis & Town Car
Potentiometer is attached to headlight switch. Unplug potentiometer connector.
Connect self-powered test light between connector circuit No. 57 (Black wire) and switch bracket.
If continuity does not exist, replace potentiometer. If continuity exists, go to next step.
Continuity should exist between connector circuits No. 220 (Dark Blue/Orange wire) and 57 (Black wire) after rotating autolamp control switch knob from OFF to ON position.
Measure resistance between circuits No. 217 (Dark Blue/Orange wire) and No. 57 (Black wire) while rotating switch from OFF position to maximum time delay. Resistance should gradually increase from 2500-4500 ohms (OFF position) to 140,000-260,000 ohms (maximum time delay).
If test results are not as specified, replace potentiometer assembly.

Unplug connector at autolamp relay.
Connect test light between ground and Red/Yellow wire.
Voltage should be present with switch in ON position.
If voltage does not exist, repair Red/Yellow wire to headlight switch and to high-low beam relay

Sep 18, 2010.

Sep 18, 2010.
First I want toThank you for all your help. If I wasn't strapped for money I would've paid more for your service. I'm very pleased. We have successfully completed potentiometer test and have continuity and ohms.I see autolamp delay switch-- can you help me find autolamp relay switch so I can unplug connector and connect test lite between ground and red/yellow wire where I hope to find voltage while switch is on. If no voltage found you say repair red/yellow wire at head lite switch and high/low beam relay, do you mean run a jumper wire (different wire). Thanks Carl Raney
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Carl Raney
Sep 19, 2010.
Try looking Behind left side of instrument panel, above steering column

If cannot locate the short replacing the wire would be the easiest to do

Sep 19, 2010.