1999 Lincoln Town Car

Electrical problem
1999 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200k miles

Have Headlights, have brakelights, however no tail lights or markers? Checked every fuse under dash. Check fuses and relays under hood. Looked for a fusable link under driver side door threshold. Looked for a trouble code withe an OBD scanner, found nothing? Please advise-Thanks
November 24, 2009.

HEADLIGHT SWITCH Disconnect headlight switch harness connector. Continuity should be as specified between terminals with switch in specified position. See HEADLIGHT SWITCH TEST table. See Fig. 2 . If continuity is not as specified, replace headlight switch.


Nov 24, 2009.
Hi Mike,
Thanks for the chart. The fix didn't work. When the switch is disconnected from the wiring harness I should have all lights controlled by the switch on. Headlights are on, Lights On Bell is ringing no tail lights? I've tried auto position as well as every other position.I've switched the light switch with a known working switch, same make & model. Apparently, the switch is not the issue? Any other ideas? -Allen
Allen in response to your email trace the wires shown in the diagram use an ohm meter, it should read below 5 ohms, if it reads high or OL, it is shorted to ground, this should blow the fuse for the tail lights...have you checked that?

Or a wire may have corrodes inside the plastic, and this will not blow the fuse. Dont forget to check the ground!

Nov 26, 2009.