1995 Lexus ES 300

Engine Cooling problem
1995 Lexus ES 300 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 162000 miles

Hello, I have a 95 lexus es 300 that has a overheating problem. I bought the car from an individual a couple of weeks ago and he said he had placed a new radiator and thermostat in the vehicle. After driving it for the first time the temperature hand rose to half way as normal but after that it started to rise up towards the red. After limping the car home I raised the hood to see that it was steaming and boiling under the hood. The radiator did indeed look to be new but I went ahead and bought a new thermostat and had it installed just to be sure about that. I replaced the radiator cap also and had the coolant flushed and replaced with new coolant. After starting the vehicle it still would start to overheat the same as before and after trying the old trick of turning the heat on to help slow down the heating I found the heater is not blowing out hot air. Thought maybe a head gasket but the car is not steaming from the tailpipe nor is the oil cap milky looking. I am stumped as to what this could be any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
October 19, 2010.

You're welcome.

Glad to know you have fixed the problem and thanks for keeping me updated.

Have a great day.

Jan 14, 2011.