2000 Jaguar XJ8

Engine Performance problem
2000 Jaguar XJ8 V8 Automatic 90000 miles

Hi! I have a XJ8 2000 it was very powerful and engine was running great. Now all of the sudden the engine went into Failsafe mode and I dont know why. I scanned it for codes and only the O2 sensor code came up. But that was there long time before the problem occured. I noticed that the throttle doesnt open when I press on the gas. Since its an electronic throttle. Something must be telling it not to open. Help me. What could cause my engine to go into failsafe mode
August 9, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated.

Not all generic scanners will pick up on all codes .. it could be a transmission code stored in the PCM which is causing the vehicle to go into failsafe mode .. have the car scanned professionally .. autozone or aamco wil usually scan for free .. you could try clearing the codes to see if the vehicle comes out of failsafe mode .. of course this will delete the memory and another scanner will not be able to retrieve the codes ??

Dave H
Aug 9, 2010.
Well I did get it scanned and there were only 2 O2 sensor codes. So nothing hidden or anything. SOme mechanic told me it could be the MAF?

Aug 9, 2010.
It could be MAF related (clean or replace it) it could be a problem on the peddle assembly itself (TPS, throttle position sensor) but I would expect both of these to set their own codes?

Dave H
Aug 15, 2010.