1998 Jaguar XJ8 • V8 FWD Automatic • 49,431 miles

I had an oil change (car running fine prior) directly after the oil change car began to hesitate while driving then started to chug. I took to different shop because it was making very loud chugging sound and it would die when stopped etc.I was told they had overfilled by
1&3/4 quarts.
could this cause my car to have these problems plus front right cam problems? Thanks could really use your experienced thoughts on this. DLD
January 13, 2011.

1.75 quart is rather a lot of oil to be overfilled and it can cause performance related problems but should not be related to cam problem.

Have the excess oil drained and retest.

Jan 13, 2011.
Thanks you. Today I was told by a Jag repair shop that it's most likely the variable timing, pushing tension out and left cam came in and right stayed out.
They are going to get back to me ( $234?)Later. They don't at this time think the oil over fill caused it. My other shop and every thing I read says that the overfill would cause damage.
I will get back to you when I know. Thanks, Don

Jan 13, 2011.
Crankcase capacity is 6.9 quarts and 1.75 qts should not be too much as to cause problems to the engine but without any diagnostics, we would never know. Hope the Jag peopal can come up with an appropriate answer for you.

Jan 14, 2011.