1986 Jaguar XJ6

Engine Performance problem
1986 Jaguar XJ6 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

My car will turn over and act like its going to start and then cut off and die. Recently the muffler fell off. I also smell a hint of gas when I start the car. We recently replaced the starter cylenoid, and coil. Could it be the fuel pump? Ignition switch? How can I test the fuel pump from home?
October 17, 2008.


Ralph Gerard
Oct 27, 2008.
To whom it may concern, the muffler falling off, has nothing to do with the car starting. If you smell fuel when the car starts, check all your injector hoses and the hose comming from the tanks on the passenger side near the battery for leaks. To check the fuel pump, get a battery and jumper cables disconect the fuel hose at the fuel filter going to the motor place the hose in a container, clip the positive(+) cable to the positive(+) post on the fuel pump, and the negitive cable to where the trunk locks. You will find booth pump and filter under the floor board in the trunk. If fuel comes out as long as you have the power to the pump, then the pump is working fine. Let me know what happens.

Bentley Eversley
Nov 14, 2008.