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2005 Other Jaguar Models 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 10,000 miles

My X-Type has no problems starting or driving, but during an idle at a red light or something, the cars RPMs significantly drops for a second. It sounds like it is about to stall and it does this about 10 times every 30 minute commute. What do you think the problem is? I thought it might be a dirty fuel injector so I bought a fuel system cleaning detergent. However, when I was pouring it in, the tiny little metal flap on the gas tank (the thing that pushes in when you place the nozzle into the gas tank) got caught on the neck of the bottle and when I tried to pull the bottle out, the metal flap in the gas tank broke off and fell down the pipe and into the gas tank. Is that going to be another major problem that should get taken care of right away, or is it not that important?
January 9, 2008.

There is a sock type filter in the tank that should keep that from being a problem. Your car is " drive by wire" so there is no Idle Air Control Valve. Try cleaning out around the butterfly in the throttle bore with carb cleaner and a rag, but at that low of mileage it might not be very dirty in there. Is this vehicle still under warranty? Sounds like it may be a problem with the throttle body, which isnt very cheap.

Jan 11, 2008.
Hello, there is a vacumn hose under the engine cover, removed the engine cover and you cant miss it. If the hose looks smooth it is very possible that it is leaking from a crack. They had problems with this hose. There is a updated hose to fix this problem. Around 25.00 for hose. Install this hose and it should take car of your problem. Let me know if this helps. Rep points apreciated if this helps. Thanks again

Jan 19, 2008.