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Engine Mechanical problem
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Just restored JAG XKE 3.8 with the triple carb su8's and the bloody things stick a bit at the top - I checked the needles - rebuilt the carbs - adjusted bells - swaped them around - used tuning air sucking tool to get them in sync but at least one occassionally hangs up I guess this is a trial and error kind of english thing? I am in LA area and would like to take the car to a second set of old school SU mechanical persons eyes unless you can think of something. To stop em from sticking many thanks PAUL
November 8, 2008.

Hi there,

Speaking as an old SU mechanic from Aust, what weight oil are you using in the dash pots, are the needles like new? And are the main jets centralized correctly?

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 8, 2008.
Good suggestion. I think you need a centering tool for this operation. Re: oil - I have heard so many suggestions: ONLY 30 Weight! ONLY light weight trans fluid! ONLY light weight motorcycle oil. (Currently I am trying the trans fluid) I will give a shot at re-centering jets with my need needles. If you are in L.A. I would certainly pay a visit. I am building this car for my father and I am not a collector - did most of everything myself - pulled engine, cosmetics, suspension, interior E types are a labor of love CHEERS MATE!

Nov 8, 2008.