Honda Prelude

I have an 89 Honda Prelude, with 300,000 miles on the car, 150,000 on the motor. I bought it with a failed brake system. I have replaced the following parts.

all four calipers, master cylinder, proportioning valve, front brake hoses, pads.
my problem is when I get a few miles down the road my front brake calipers(right & left) completly lock up and my car comes to a comlpete stop. After a while(few hours)the pressure seems to back off and I can drive it home. What could cause this problem?
I have checked and the calipers are working as they should. I have no problems with bleeding. The brakes work great up until they seize up.

Any Suggestions
November 19, 2006.

First of all, does it lock up once you put the foot on the brake or do they do it on their own? I would not want to affend you but the bleeding is SOOOOO very important. It is basically a two man job.

When it locks up are you noticing any one side or particular brake that is doing it?


Bruce Hunt
Nov 19, 2006.
Yeah, the left side more than right, but I have had the system power bled at an auto service center. The tend to lock up on their own, the first time was on the highway, never touched the brakes. I am actually on my third master cylinder, and third proportioning vavle. I am going to try another set of calipers and go from there.
I will definitly take the advice and bleed bleed bleed.


Nov 20, 2006.
I am back to say that I found my problem. My pedal was to far out of adjustment and was sticking. I followed my manual and adjusted it accordingly and so far no stick. I hope this is my cure and I will be able to enjoy my car.

Thanks for the help.

Nov 23, 2006.