1989 Honda Prelude

I have a 89 Honda Prelude at 140,000 miles. When I start up the car, there is a sound of air leaking, shhhhh. When I step on the gas pedal, the sound become louder, other then that is fine. But, when it is a little bit above 3000rpm, the car start losing power even I step deeper on gas pedal. Once I let go the gas pedal, it is fine again. What's wrong might it be? Thank you very much
June 23, 2007.

It could be a vacuum issue but is could be an intake problem. Check the tubing to the carb or throttle body that goes through the air cleaner. Check it all. Next look at the brake system to see if it has a booster and possibly a disconnected vac line to it.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 24, 2007.