1996 Honda Prelude

Transmission problem
1996 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 161000 miles

I haven't drove my car in about 3 months. Its cold weather now and aroun 30-40 degrees. I went to drive it and push the clutch down and it felt real spongy and it did not want to go into gear as easy as it should. So I drove it to my destination and it was hard to put it in all the gears but manage to get it in gear without forcing it. I left my destination 3-4 hours later and I shifted into gear easier than earlier that day. Is there a minor transmission fluid problem or major clutch repair problem or is it the cold weather not driving as often problem?
January 13, 2010.

Hi bugeyedbooger,

It most probably is the clutch hydraulic system. Did you check the clutch fluid level?

The cold weather could affect a weak hydraulic system. Parking for extended periods is another factor.

Jan 16, 2010.