2003 Ford Taurus

Brakes problem
2003 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

Trying to get the drivers side rear brake drum off. How do I'm having difficulty trying to adjust the star wheel on the brake adjuster to compress the brake shoes. How do I push the ratchet that keeps the brake adjustment in place out of the way? Do I need to release some brake fluid where the metal brake line feeds into the brake assy? When I get the new shoes on, how do dI make sure they are adjusted properly to avoid having mushy brake action?
April 6, 2010.

You need brake adjustment tool (D81L-1103-C).

Once the access adjuster hole plug is removed then just use a screwdriver to move the brake shoe adjusting lever off the brake adjuster screw. Move teh adjustment tool handel downward to loosen the brake shoe adjusting screw nut. To adjust after installation, rotate the brake shoe adjusting screw nut. Use brake adjustment tool to move the brake shoe adjusting lever off the brake sho adjusting screw nut. Move adjustment tool handle upward to tighten brake adjuster screw. Turn shoe adjusting screw nut until brake drum begins to drag. Then loosen the adjuster screw until the brake drum rotates freely.

Since I cant see the adjusting lever, a diagram would help me " feel" for the lever and push it away from the adjustment gear. Any diagrams or drawings you could post?

Apr 6, 2010.
Sorry thought i posted that