2003 Ford Taurus • 132,000 miles

Problem bleeding brakes after replacing left/right front calipers, lines and pads. I changed these items due to a "brake failure". I was able to pump the brakes to get the right front to grab but then had to "baby" it home where I changed the above items. When I try to bleed the brakes, the right front and the left aft bleed fine but the left front and right aft seem to have massive amounts of air with no associated "pedal-drop" when the bleed valve is opened with brake pedal pressure applied and held. I have disc brakes in the front and drums in the rear.
May 22, 2012.


May 22, 2012.
I have attached the correct procedure though I am sure you are doing it correctly. Just want to make sure we are on the same page. Remember to bleed the brake farthest away first. Which is the passenger rear. Then the drivers rear, then the passenger front, then the drivers front.
Also, do you have a tube in a container to check for bubbles and able to see the flow? This ensures there is no blockage.
Are you sure brake fluid is even coming out or is it blocked.

May 22, 2012.
Fill the master leave the top off. Open both bleeders. Let them drip untill u see no more bubbles coming out. Keep the master full whyll bleeding.

May 22, 2012.