1992 Ford Ranger

Suspension problem
1992 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

Can the coil springs be replaced with out the use of a compression tool?
October 12, 2008.

No, here's how to do it.
REMOVAL (EXPLORER & RANGER) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Support axle with jack. Disconnect shock absorber from radius arm. 2. Remove coil spring-to-axle nut and remove retainer. See Fig. 12 . Lower axle until spring tension is removed and adequate clearance exists for spring removal. 3. Remove spring by rotating upper coil out of tabs in upper spring seat. Remove spacer and lower seat. Stud in axle may need to be removed to provide clearance.

INSTALLATION Install stud in axle (if removed). Install lower seat and spacer over stud bolt. Position upper end of spring coil in spring stop area of upper spring seat. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fig. 12: Exploded View of Coil Spring (Explorer & Ranger) Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.

Oct 12, 2008.