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As I said in my first post had these drums off at 50000 miles and they were extremly hard to get off & even harder to put back on. Now have 61000 and at 50000 miles they had a 3/16 inch ridge on side that faces backing plate now I can not get drums past that ridge even if I retract shoes as fsr as they can go. Is there a special puller I can get because they won't come off the regular way or can I just break drum with a 3 lb hammer.I belive drums are cast steel. Any help would be great. Thanks pepperone
July 6, 2007.

I guess I was stupid not changing at 50000 miles. But got new drums new hardware new shoes & everything is okay it is the big ridge on the drums thats making then hard to get off so I guess I will drill the two retaining pins out & hope they will come off. Ps the brake cable is loose the drums spin freely so its the ridge on drums. If I can't get them off by just drilling pins I will take wheel cylinder off & just bleed system. Thanks for your help. Pepperone just wanted to say I got drum off I sprayed some wd40 on star adjuster wheel waited about 1/2 hour & got shoes to retract & drum came off pretty easy. But when went to replace every thing shoes- hardware- & new drum had to have starwheel retracted all the way or new drums would not go on. But got it off thanks again for your help pepperone

Jul 7, 2007.