'87 TO '86

1987 Ford Mustang

I have a '86 mustang Lx 4 cil. 4 speed 135.000 miles and I need to know if a '87 mustang insturment cluster will interchange into a '86 mustang.
March 24, 2006.

Should check with a salvage yard they specialize in interchanging parts

Mar 25, 2006.
I already checked with three junk yards one I trust they garentee thier stuff. And they don't even have any mustangs what so ever. And the other two one has a '87 cluster but they don't garentee anything and it's $50.00. The third they don't have any either, but to say that the third are a bunch of drunken rednecks who don't know what they have. So I guess what i'm asking is do you thinkl I need to go with the $50.00 one with no garentee.

Mar 27, 2006.