2000 Ford Focus

Electrical problem
2000 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

the code came out p1233 ( fuel pump driver module offline ) what exacly does this mean? The part is back ordered until july 5th 2010 and a ford dealer item, how can I test it with a meter at home to see if it is good or the wires are good. Should I replace the wires at the same time? My car will run good then with no warning just die turn the key off and it'll restart then u can drive and it'll do it all again like 20 minutes later, when it stalls it acts like it's getting no gas I put in a new fuel pump and filter 2 weaks ago plus it has a weak stream to the throttle (i think thats what he said) lol. So if the FPDM is bad or the wiring is bad ( heating up after running for a while) will the car stall like that even while driving down the road and what is the FPDM purpose? Please help I appreciate it very much.
June 8, 2010.


How do I check these to see which one is bad?

Jun 9, 2010.
Start with the easiest which would be the inertia switch. Just make sure it wasn't set, if it was just reset it with the button on it.