2002 Ford F-250

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Ford F250 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 116000 miles

I have the 7.3 engine. I received a recall notice from the dealer concerning a faulty cam sensor. Took it in an had it replaced. That night on the way home my truck stalled in the middle of traffic. The RPM went straight to 0, the engine light and water droplet lights came on and the check engine light came on. Tried to crank and it took several attempts. Plenty of fire from the batteries but it acted like a timing issue. The truck did not run rough at all like bad fuel or being out of time. It just stopped. Did I get a bad part? The dealer says it is not their fault and to keep driving it to see if it happens again. No issue before recall work was done. I a a single female that can't afford to be stranded in a bad part of town. Help!
March 4, 2009.

Hi: How many times has this happened? Haow many miles have you put on the truck since the work?

To answer your question, yes, you could have gotten a bad part. However, has the engine light stayed on? Has anyone at the dealer offered to check the part they installed?

Let me know.


Only drove the truck 30 miles after cam sensor installed. Just on in to work. When I started home that day I had been driving on interstate home. Been on the road about 20 mins when the stall happened.

Update: Made the dealer come get my truck. They drove it for 2 days until the stall happened again. Now they say they have tested the sensor and it is OK. Then the tested the PRM chip in the computer and say that it is bad and I need a new one.

I asked how the ran the diagnostics and got vague response. Asked for a print out and they said they do not give print out. Asked for the error code and they could not give me that either.

My truck has 116,000 miles.

Also I have been in the parts business for 17years. Just do not have a lot of depth with Diesel motors. Grew up in dads shop. Sell parts for a living. Just need good advice.

Mar 6, 2009.
Isn't that typical. And how much do they want for the chip? Did you ask if that was the problem the entire time and maybe the original cam sensor was good? I'm sure they will say it was bad too.

Let me know.

Am I wrong thinking these PCM's have no PROM chip? - Only the slot where factory programming was installed and where folks add non-OE modifications
(which may be a " fault - causer" ). If it didn't act up 'till right after the cam sensor, put another one in it, it's super easy to get at (and check wire/connector real good this time). Just before the recall, the price of part went from over $100 down to $25 - surprise!

Mar 11, 2009.