2004 Ford F-150

Electrical problem
2004 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 32000 miles

2004 F150 FX4 - Wheell spin in the snow (getting out of about 10" packed layer and switched to 4WD high) caused the ABS light to come on and later a " wrench" symbol to appear as well as engine light on. This keeeps changing as computer tries to test itself - some lights are on in various combinations - car runs in safe mode with limited power. The codes were cleared except ABS (could not clear). The two codes were present -C1230 speed sensor and P2106TAC. Also fron is shaking between 40-50mph since than with brand new balanced rims! And tires (OEM)
Can you help, please - what is it?
March 3, 2010.

Ok the code C1230 is the speed sensor on the top of the rear diff. See pic below. The other code seems to point to the EGR system. It will require a scan tool and maybe a digital multi meter to check that on.

Mar 4, 2010.