1997 Ford F-150

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1997 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 199918 miles

I have a 1997 Ford F-150. Today we got our first snow and discovered that the 4X4 was not engaging. The 4H and 4L light would come on but no 4x4. When switching into 4L I would hear a clunk and then when pulling foward it was geared down but only the rear tires would spin. In 4H turning a corner every once in a while I would hear one clunk but nothing would happen. 4H nothing would happen. I switched back and fourth a few times and the last time it clicked in the dash 5 or 6 times and the light went out. Not neither 4H or 4L light will come on and couldnt hear any clicking or clunking under the truck. I have checked fuses and all appear to be good. I was hoping for it to be an easy fix since this is my first year to push snow. Can anyone please help me?
November 30, 2008.

Sound like the 4x4 shift motor on the back of the transfer case. Here is what it looks like and it is very easy to replace. If you have a digital multi meter we can run a test on it if you like let me know what you would like to do ok.

Dec 1, 2008.
Well I replaced the Transfer case motor today. Still no 4X4.. Although the clicking behind the dash has stopped and the transfer case appears to be engaging. I was told that it could be the 2wd and 4wd vaccum solenoids on the passenger side firewall. Which is wierd because I have been told by numerous people that Ford doesnt use vaccum lines in the 4wd system. Im really confused now.

Dec 2, 2008.
Ok so we fixed one problem but still have more. Ford does use vacuum set up to engage the front diff. Now the old motor may have shorted and taken out another components. Ok all that is left is the buttons and the GEM Module that controls all that kind of stuff and more. Do you have any way to pull codes from the gem? It is a different scanner then the OBD2 scanner. Here is the vacuum diagram for the front diff. Now keep in mind that the GEM controls all this when it know's the transfer case is engaged so check the vacuum lines and routing and make sure there are no leaks or broken lines if not then we will have to check the GEM. If you have access to an NGS (Next generation scan tester) this will make it a lot easier to check it. Let me know where you would like to go from here.

Dec 3, 2008.
Have you gotten a solution to your problem yet? If so, would you share what the fix was?

Dec 9, 2008.