2002 Ford Explorer

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
2002 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 117000 miles

I switched my 2002 Explorer SPORT into 4x4 hi. She shifted in fine then when I went to shift back to 2wd the light on the dash went out but the truck is still in 4x4. I tried putting it in rev and backing up, no luck. Switched it back into 4x4 lights on dash didn't come back on.
I have replaced the dash switch but still have the same issue. Also have check the fuses under the hood all are fine.
Is there anything else to try before just replacing the shift motor on the transfer case? Relay I am missing or something?
Also, the haynes manual doesn't cover changeing this motor and I have not been able to find a Chilton's on the Explore SPORT. Is there anything to it besides unbolting the old one and bolting up a new one?
November 19, 2008.

This is usually the 4x4 shift motor on the back of the tranfer case. It looks like this.

Here is how to test it to see if the switch and module is good. If you need more let me know. Now you will have to right click on the instructions and save pic and then print it ok.

Let me know if you need more ok. You will need a digital multi meter to do this ok. Thanks.

Nov 19, 2008.
first thanks,
I can't get the picture to download in anyway so I can read it or print it readable. Have had the computer guy here at work try and he can't either. He asked if you could send the page to me directly.
Lright4@yahoo. Com

Also, is there anything to look out for when removing the motor? I mean is there a shaft or anything that might move etc?

Nov 20, 2008.
Ok I have sent it to you from my yahoo let me know if you need more ok. Thanks

Nov 20, 2008.
Could someone send me this test procedure please. I m having the same problem. Thank you.
Reyes45@comcast. Net

Dec 29, 2008.
Can someone please send me this diagram. I can't print it.

May 14, 2014.