1996 Ford Explorer

Steering problem
1996 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

How do I replace the lower ball joint on ford explorer 1996
December 15, 2008.

NOTE: Lower ball joints and bushings are an integral part of the lower control arm, and are replaced only as an assembly.
1. Place steering wheel and steering system in the centered position. Turn off air suspension switch (if equipped). Switch is located behind right rear quarter panel. Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove wheel assembly. Disconnect stabilizer link from lower control arm. Remove shock absorber.
Place jackstands under jacking pads, and lower hoist while maintaining
working room.

2. Remove torsion bar.
Loosen lower control arm pivot bolts. Remove lower ball joint cotter pin and loosen lower ball joint nut. Using Pitman Arm Puller (T64P-3590-F), loosen lower ball joint in lower control arm. Remove puller and lower ball joint nut, while supporting lower control arm with jack.

3. Raise lower control arm and separate knuckle from lower control arm. Remove lower control arm pivot bolts, and remove lower control arm from vehicle. Inspect lower ball joint and lower control arm bushings for wear and/or damage. If necessary, replace lower control arm assembly.

Dec 15, 2008.