1994 Ford Explorer

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1994 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

I replaced the tranfer case motor on my Ford Explorer, The 4x4 and Low Range lights on the buttons in dash would light but the transfer case would not engage. (Before the replacement ) After I removed the Transfer Case motor I had my wife engage the 4x4 button to see if the motor would turn. It didnt, but she also said the light would not come on. I assumed it needed to be grounded. So I continued with the replacement. When finished the light would not come on or the transfer case engage. I removed the transfer case motor checking my work. I then reinstalled the motor, cleaning the ground at the back of the motor where the support bracket mates to the transfer case. Still nothing. I unplugged the wiring harness and checked the power cable with a multi meter , doesnt seem to be any power to the cable, I the checked the 20 Amp high out put fuse under the hood it was not blown. Not sure what to do next. I called the garage they said they have never had to remap the control module after a change. The Instructions with the NAPA reman. Motor said you may or maynot have to remap. Thanks, Ron
January 2, 2009.

Great hope it does the trick as the tests say's it should. Let me know. Thanks and have a great day.

Jan 7, 2009.
I went to the salvage yard and purchased a used module and installed it, The light on the button comes on very dim if u hold the button in and I hear a faint clicking noise back by the module while pressing button. Still no four wheel drive.

Jan 8, 2009.
Ok this is good though you didn't waste money here you have fixed the module problem now we need to test to see what else went bad here. Now we need to test the t-case motor ok. Now at the t-case motor you will back probe the wire harness with a digital multi meter. The yellow/white wire should have power. When you select 2h or 4h or 4l the orange wire should have power and so should the yellow wire as you go back. Here is the wiring diagram for the t-case motor. Let me know what you find ok.


Jan 9, 2009.