1995 Ford Aerostar

Engine problem
1995 Ford Aerostar V6 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 164k miles

I put a new fuel pump in and new filter because van was back firing missing bad. And not starting after shutting off. Sprayed starting fluid in it and it tried to start. Figured it was fule pump that's why I changed it. Still wont start? Checked fuel shutoff switch not tripped?
December 3, 2007.

Check the fuel pressure confirm it with the specs-if up to specs, disconnect a plugwire and ground it to the engine while cranking it over look for spark and be listening to the injector/s whether its making a clicking noise while the engine is cranking.

Do you have spark and injector/s pulses? If not continue troubleshooting the ignition system

Dec 3, 2007.