1995 Eagle Summit

Electrical problem
1995 Eagle Summit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 250000 miles

I have and 95 eagle summit with a 2.4 4bangger that will not turn over It start when I left my lights on in my car at school and came back and my battery was dead so a buddy gave me a jump and it was having a hard time starting so I gave it some gas and it started got home and it was running really quite when I came in my drive way then stald and I turned the key I wouldent even crank I just hear a my solinoid clicking and fule pump working
April 16, 2010.

After awhile if you leave the battery drain it does something called deep cycling and is internally shorted. You could try getting a battery charger and slow charging it over 24 hours, if it still won't work replace it. Use a 5 amp hour setting. And Good luck. The car will not charge, or run correctly until you install a good battery.

Apr 17, 2010.
I did I voltage test on my battery it came out about 10 volts so the battery is fine so my buddy in auto shot told me to test my starter with a battery and jumper cables and after hitting it a few times it made a noise so I bought a new starter and walla she runs Vroooooooomboomboombombem! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

May 2, 2010.