1995 Eagle Summit

Electrical problem
1995 Eagle Summit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have a 1995 eagle summit that I have no spark and won't start, I talked to one mech. He said it was something in the dist. But in order to make it work properly I had to replace both dist. And ecu at the same time. Could it be anything else, and is this true?
January 25, 2010.

Try hot wiring the starter solinoid with a scrwew driver if that dosnt work disconect your battery cabbles and it take off your starter under your intake manifold and you can test it with some jumper cables and a battery first put it down with the starter facing up and put the ground cable to to stater gear case where the bolt screws in and put the posititve on the hot spot where the wire goes in

May 2, 2010.