Dodge Ram

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 8' bed club cab pickup 5.7l 4x4 with 54000mi. After I accelerate past 15-20 mph I begin to hear a whirring noise which is fairly constant in pitch, but may decrease in volume slightly when under load. I checked each of the wheel bearings, and all appear to be fine. I checked the U joints which also appear fine. I did notice that the truck has a split drive shaft, and there is what appears to be a rubber guide near the rear of the cab that is worn. Could this be the cause of the whirring. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks,
May 31, 2007.

Is that the rubber boot that covers the U joints on the drive shafts. I would try to grease the U joints, I would got those Rubber boots around the shaft, replaced as well, Also youre noise could be window moulds seperating.

Good Luck.

Jun 2, 2007.