Dodge Ram

I own a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. When I start the truck I can hear a slight but annoying ticking sound which increases when the throttle is increased. The noise does go away after about 5 minutes when the truck is warmed up. I took the truck in about 5 months ago with this problem and they informed me that it was a broken exhaust manifold bolt which they drilled out and replaced. Now the noise is back. Since my truck is now out of warranty and I consider myself ok at fixing things I am going to try and fix the problem. Do you think that it is a bolt that just needs tightening or a bad gasket. Can you suggest where to start and how to pin point the leak.
May 5, 2006.

Have some one start the truck while you listen carefully under the hood. If it is a sharp click it is exhaust, If it is a muffled click it is a lifter.

May 6, 2006.
Most auto repair shops give a one year warrenty on parts and labor. Take it back with your paper work and talk to them.

May 6, 2006.