1989 Dodge Omni

Engine Performance problem
1989 Dodge Omni 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 80,000 miles

I have an 89 dodge omni (automatic) 2.2 liter straight 4, with possibly 80k+ (meter is possibly broken). When the car runs " even after letting run for a short while" the car has a high idle in park of between 1500 and 2000 rmps which go up and down (vaccum leak?). I've had this problem before with a 95 saturn sw2, and the mechanic told me " he cleaned out the manifold and the throttle body of carbon"

also when I drive the car it clunks into gear and drives much faster than normal, but ill note that the accelerator pedal might need to be replaced since it is very loose
September 17, 2008.

Do you have a carbuerator or electronic fuel injection system?

Sep 17, 2008.
I would assume the car does have a carburetor, and I know the car has " Fuel Injection", but I don't know about an electronic fuel injection system.

Sep 18, 2008.
Too fast an idle speed. If an engine without computerized idle speed control is idling too fast and refuses to come down to a normal idle speed despite your best efforts to back off the carburetor idle speed screw or air bypass adjustment screw (fuel injection), air is getting past the throttle somewhere. Common leak paths include the carburetor and throttle body gaskets, carburetor insulator spacers, intake manifold gaskets, and of course, any of the engine's vacuum fittings, hoses and accessories. It is even possible that leaky O-rings around the fuel injectors are allowing air to leak past the seals. Another overlooked item can be a worn throttle shaft and a defective idle speed speed control motor/valve stuck in the extended (high idle speed) position/throttle position sensor. Also the throttle plate could be binding in its bore and kinked accelerator cable, coolant temperature sensor might not be operating properly misleading the computer that the engine is still cold and computer throwing fuel at it raising the

Sep 18, 2008.