1998 Dodge Durango

Electrical problem
1998 Dodge Durango V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 237000 miles

My starter will not work; it gives a single click with each key-turn; will turn over the engine a bit once in a while, but not enough to catch. The battery is fine. It had been doing this occasionally, then would turn over and start the engine after a few tries. Suggestions?
October 1, 2009.

Welcome, does it crank any better in neutral? Can you turn the crank by hand? I'd have to make sure the battery has a full charge and the connections are good. If that checks out, I'd check the circuits at the starter relay, voltage for switch side of relay is hot all the time. Voltage for coil side of relay is hot with key in the crank position. If everything checks out, good voltage and ground for the starter and no starter action, I suspect the starter.

Oct 1, 2009.