2007 Dodge Caravan

Air Conditioning problem
2007 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have found my recharging port for my A/C, but now I notice the problem (at least in part) is that the compressor isn't even turning on. Is there a dedicated fuse for this or do I potentionally have bigger problems? I was thinking the system just needed to be charged but while attempting to do so, realized the compressor never came on whether in A/C mode or defrost. ? Help!
Stewart Adams
May 27, 2010.

Run a jumper wire from the battery to the clutch if it comes on check the AC clutch relay, cycling switch and pressure switch-don't come on the clutch is defective-now if the clutch engages the compressor and it won't come on the compressor is locked-up

May 27, 2010.