2001 Dodge Caravan

Engine Performance problem
2001 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

My car has suddenly started to run a little rough, like the difference between when you have the air conditioning on, then turn it off. I guess it bears down, like it is working harder and the gas mileage has gone from about 23 MPG to about 12 MPG.

Any ideas?
February 4, 2009.


When was you last tune up? Fuel Filter Change? Air Filter Change?

Also is your check engine light on?


Feb 4, 2009.
I changed the air filter, spark plugs and wires about 30,000 miles ago. I have since shaken the air filter out a couple of times and it seems to still be realtively clean.

I have never changed the fuel filter. The drop in gas mileage was sudden, rather than gradual, so I think it may not be a tune up. My manual gives a possible cause as an ignition or fuel system problem. I guess it could be an O2 sensor as well.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate your thoughts. Does this help?

Feb 5, 2009.
Ok, well I usually rececommend changing your Air Filter at least every other oil change. Even though you shake it out you will not get all the dust particles that clog the filter.

The Ignition System is talking about the Tune-Up.

The Fuel would be the pressure the TPS(Throttle Position Sensor, IAC(Idle Air Control).

Could also be something with the Emmission System.

And yes it could be an O2 sensor.

On newer vehicles just about any problem will set a computer code and turn the Engine Light on.

Is you engine light on?

How is your vehicle running?


Feb 5, 2009.