ES 2.5L V6 123000 KM

1995 Dodge Avenger

First of all the cars alarm would go off at random times when there was no reason for it to go off. The terminals had to be taken off of the battery and put back on in order to stop the alarm and to start the car. The car was working just fine aside from this and then one morning it would not start. When you turn the there is only a click and nothing else. Is this caused by somethihng in the alarm or is there something wrong with the starter?
November 22, 2006.

Make sure there is no corrosion on the battery terminals. Check that they are tightened down, not cracked or loose. Check your connections on the starter solenoid. Make sure the battery is charged. Have someone try to start the car while you lightly tap on the starter with a hammer, if it trys to fire then you know its the starter. In other words it sounds like a starter/solenoid/battery cable problem to me. Good luck

Nov 22, 2006.