Chevrolet S-10

Hello all. First post so here goes. I have a 92 S-10 2wd with the 2.8 V6 and the 220TBI. Truck has 195,000 on her and has one of the best trucks I owned. Runs like a new one up until Monday. Stopped and put in $20 worth of gas Monday morning on the way to work. I have been buying gas at the same store for years (BP). After driving up for about 15 miles I stopped to pick up some material for work and the truck would not start. It turned over just fine and had spark but no fuel.

Had it towed home and did some checking. Fuel pump relay seems fine, power to the pump. I replaced the filter and while having it off I turned the switch to the on position and had a good flow of gas coming out the line from the tank. Put on the new filter and it cranked right up.

Drove just fine for two days and used up most of the gas I had put in, now has 1/4 tank left, and after stopping by another store it would not start again. Same problems. Had it towed home again and after work I tried to start it and it fired up. It did seem a little slugest at idle though.

Seems to me it could only be a few things to check out. Fuel pump, relays and FPR. If a pump is going out is this common? Working and not working? Any good way to check out the relays? The relay for the pump sits right beside a matching relay (oil presser relay?) Is this connected in and could this be the problem?
FPR, how to check this part out?

Many thanks for any and all replies on this.

September 29, 2007.

Turned out to be the pump. Had it towed to the shop and had it fixed in less than 3 hours and not that bad of a price too, $265.00 including having the oil changed. Best of all the work has a 1 year warranty with free towing back to the shop!

Many thanks for all the help.

Oct 4, 2007.