Chevrolet Lumina

Family members and I have a total of 3 Luminas - all over 100K miles. Mine is a 95 and the other two are 96's. The Nti-lock light is activated on all three of them. Has been for some time. I wanted to know if there is a known problem with these cars?

I just changed the intake manifold gasket on the 95 just last week (3.1 V-6 engine). My new problem appeared when I was finished with the engine work. The brake warning light came on when I started it after re-connecting the battery - after everything was back together. Seemed strange to me, I did not disconnect or unplug anthing relating to the brakes. There are no leaks, the fluid level is fine, the emergency brake is fine (Like I said, I did not touch anything at all relating to the brakes) There is only one connector and it's under the master cylinder and it's plugged in. The anti-lock light in on this one too, not sure why. Any ideas?


March 1, 2007.

Hello friend, I had the same problem a few months ago. I don't know why somethimes when you disconnect the battery this problem appear. But until this moment I have solved this problem scanning the engine and erasing the memory with the scanner. I know well that the memory would have to erase only disconnecting the batterry but apparently it doesn't erase at all. Prove my solution, I hope it works for you as well as it works for me. Ah, and please tell me about your progress.

May 29, 2007.
Could also be just the brake sensors on the actual brake caliper. The anti lock light is on on mine as well and I have a 98. I was told thats all thats wrong with mine, cuz I just replace all calipers rotors and pads on mine.

Jun 11, 2007.