2007 Chevrolet Epica

2007 Chevy Epica 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 3900km miles

Hi expert technicians.
I have a Chevrolet Epica 6 cylinders and 2000cc model 2007
Lately I noticed some time the care overheated and the temperature indicator show a high temperature and it lose the water in the plastic container.
When it become cool I refill the water container and it will be OK for about 10days.
I have to keep checking the water level all the time.
When it overheated the water come out from the plastic container cover which works as relief valve.
Please advise what to do?
September 28, 2010.

Try replacing the thermostat and see what happens

Sep 28, 2010.
Dear Experts!

I have chevrolet epica 2007 automatic. Recetnly, I drove around 180 km/hr speed around 1700 KM, and on my way my enginee suddenly got heat up and lot of smole came out of it and whole radiator water was gone. What could be the possible reason? As Oil was still new?
Furthermore, now vehicle is in workshop, and technician is saying that Head has to be opene and gaskit need to be replaced

After repair, should I keep this car (I mean it is safe) or should I get rid of it.
Which Oil should I use?
What precaution should I follow, to avoid this?

Need your valuable feedback


Jul 28, 2012.