1995 Chevrolet Corsica

Engine problem
1995 Chevy Corsica 4 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 141000 miles

Hi. My car starts up and I can drive it anywhere between 30-45 minutes. After that, It would jerk at idle speed and cut off whenever I come to a stop. Once it cuts off, I have to wait for a while before I drive it again because if I start it up too quickly, it would start the engine but when I put it in drive it would cut back off. I got a new fuel filter, a tune-up, re-wiring, and a vacuum filter. I was told it was the fuel pump. But if so, why is it still running. I also got a diagnostic test done because the check engine light would come on like every two or three days. It only said that my computer was bad and that I needed to replace it. Does that control fuel flow? Please tell me what can it be?
February 15, 2008.

Your computer is the brains of your car. Yes, it dose control the fuel this way. Turn on the ignition, the computer turns on the fuel pump, then tells which and when each fuel injectors is to open and for how long to shoot gas into the cylinder. So the bad new is the diagnostic test that was done siad the computer is bad, so the computer needs to be replaced.

Wayne underwood
Mar 2, 2008.
I needed to replace the torque converter clutch switch in the side panel of the transmission. Make sure if you ever get this done, to let the mechanic know that you do NOT have to take down the transmission or take off the bottom pan. It's not that difficult.

Mar 29, 2008.