1999 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 1991 Astro Van with a 4.3 6 CY Z model engine.

In the last few weeks I have not been able to crank the van unless I press the gas pedal to the floor.

It sounds like it is out of gas, but soon as I press the gas pedal to the floor, it will fire up. Also, feels like it has a huge miss when I apply the breaks, even on level ground. I even had it to stall out, sitting at a stop sign or light for a long period of time.

I replaced to IAC in the vehical and it fired up great for about 5 cranks and acted fine. It sat over night and the problem returned. Thought I got a defective part, so I got another IAC and did the same thing, this time after 4 cranks.

I have replaced the plugs, Fuel Pump Relay, EGR Vac. Switch, Dis. Cap, Rotor Button, Temp. Sending Unit, Air Filter, and O2 Sensor. I also replaced the Fuel Filter. I can also hear the Fuel Pump running in the tank.

Replaced the TPS 8/2006

I also have a Code 32 (EGR on Fuel Injected) showing up. I have replaced the EGR Valve and EGR Vac. Switch and it is still showing up.

Cave Rat
September 7, 2007.

CPI or TBI injection? Try checking the fuel pressure and for vacuum leak

Sep 7, 2007.