2000 Honda Accord

As I was driving my car started to make a noise. It sounded like a combination of this such as rim scrapping pavement, exhaust pipe dragging, metal on pavement, and squeaking. So I continued driving home. When I parked the car I got out to check out the car. The tires and rims were fine and the exhaust pipe was in place. I didn't see anything physically wrong with the car. I checked the oil, the oil level was low but I don't think that's the problem. I got back in the car to see if the car would continue with the noise and it did I tried backing up and driving forward and the noise was still there. Help me please!

April 25, 2013.

Have someone check the backing plates on the brakes.

We cannot hear it or drive it so let someone from a shop at least drive it for you


Apr 25, 2013.