1994 Buick Lesabre

1994 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

My car will start using ether but will not run. I have fuel all the way to the rails but it stops there as if the injectors are not working. Could it be the engine control module, and if so where is it located? Also what does it look like? I have looked by the passenger side but I am not sure what I am looking at.I am a back yard mechanic and I only work on my own cars. I do not pretend to be a professional, and I am used to working on older cars usually pre-computer and can get my friends help if I am in over my head. So far no luck this time around.I thank you for your help.
September 10, 2008.

Did you check for codes?

My first thought would be the crank sensor, I'm not saying, replace anything, don't replace anything without testing.

My info shows a dual cranksensor on this vehicle and the ignition control module has to see both signals or there won't be an injector signal to the pcm.

I'd check everything before I suspected the pcm.

Sep 11, 2008.
O.K. If it is the crank sensor, where is it located? Also what does the ECM look like in case that is the problem?

Sep 11, 2008.
The crank sensor should be located by the timing chain cover, by the crankshaft.

I saw three different possible locations for the pcm, I'd look behind the passenger side kick panel.

Again, I'd try to do some testing before I replaced anything.

Sep 12, 2008.