2003 BMW X3

Electrical problem
2003 BMW X3 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

I replaced the battery on my X5. There are three warning lights that will not go out now; HDC/DSC/Brake
The HDC button does not turn off the warning light when turned on and off as per the BMW book.

November 22, 2008.

There is a possibility that the DSC control unit has either set a fault or the control module has failed and will require replacement. If you have the DSC system scanned there will be faults set, possibly for steering angle sensor calibration or front wheel speed sensor plausibility. These will need to be worked through. The plausibility faults can often be ignored, recalibrate LEW, clear faults and drive the car. (LEW is the abbreviation for steering angle sensor)

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 22, 2008.