2001 BMW 325

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 BMW 325 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

Where is the fuel filter on a BMW 325i and do you have replacement instructions posted on your site?
Thank you.
September 26, 2010.

The fuel filter is located underneath the vehicle, along the frame rail, covered by the left underbody cover.

Replacing Fuel Filter

Special Tools Required:

13 3 010

Turn off ignition.

Fuel pressure regulator is integrated in fuel filter and cannot be removed.

Release screws ( 1 ) .

Remove cover ( 2 ) .


Ensure seal ( 1 ) is in correct installation position.

Seal all fuel hoses on fuel filter with special tool 13 3
010 .

This prevents excessive discharge of fuel from the fuel lines.


Mark fuel lines on filter.

This prevents the fuel lines from being installed incorrectly on the fuel filter.


Fuel escapes when fuel lines are detached. Have a drip tray ready.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.

Observe country - specific waste - disposal regulations.

Release clips ( 1 ) .

Detach fuel lines ( 2 ) from fuel filter.

Release clamp ( 3 ) .

Detach fuel line ( 4 ) from fuel filter.

Detach vacuum hose ( 5 ) from fuel pressure regulator.

Release screw.

Remove fuel filter horizontally downwards.

Allow fuel to drain out of fuel filter into a drip tray.

Sep 26, 2010.