1989 BMW 325

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 BMW 325 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 152000 miles

i resently took my 89 bmw apart to change the gaskets on it and replaced the mass air flow sensor on it but when to turn it on I need to disconect my sensor nd when its on and I try to connect it back on I stalls I can run it without the sensor but then it idles really high and than when I put it in gear it kinda bogs then it takes off what can I do should I check my fuel pressure change my fuel pressure regulator?
January 12, 2009.

When apart, which gaskets did you replace? Why did you replace the air flow meter, was it bad? Have you tested the fuel pressure?

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 12, 2009.
No I havent check my pressure because im not exactly sure how to do it.I replaced all of my gaskets and yes I replaced the air flow meter because it was bad. How would I check my fuel pressure

Jan 13, 2009.
There is about 50 psi of fuel pressure in the feed line, open that line and introduce your gauge, not the line returning fuel to the tank. It should read 3.0 bar at idle with the vacuum line removed from the fuel pressure regulator.

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 14, 2009.