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Truck was working fine until yesterday when I backed out of the driveway and tried to shift out of Reverse. It was difficult and I noticed the clutch pedal had little resistance.

I made it into 1st, and nearly got whiplash when I released the clutch. The normal " engage" position of the pedal was now very close to the floor.

It is like the clutch now wants to be pressed through the floor to disengage.

The problem went away after driving for a while and having the engine heat up. So I ignored it.

Same problem this morning, but worse.
What's up?
December 18, 2006.

Check the clutch master cylinder. I bet the level is low. Then I would venture to say you have a failing slave cylinder. When the vehicle is cool, that causes objects to contract. They expand when they get warm. So using that sense of logic, seals in the slave cylinder can leak when cold but as the engine warms the seals expand and perform normally. You loose fluid only in the morning.

IF I am right and it is time to replace that slave, the question is whether it is internal or external. Don't have that info available to me but if it is internal to the tranny, it is time to slip in a new clutch as well.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 18, 2006.
Strange, . Actually the fluid in the clutch reservoir was full.

Dec 19, 2006.