2000 Acura TL

Transmission problem
2000 Acura TL 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

My vehicle (130,000 miles) sometimes lurches in city driving, 20-30 mph, 1500-2500 rpm. It shudders like a machine gun then smooths out. We have cleaned the EGR, replaced the plugs and half the coil packs, but the problem persists.

Now I am reading about all these 2000 tl transmission problems, including a manufacturer recall. Could my problem be caused by that?

No trans codes are showing up on the computer, but we do get misfire codes. What are the symptoms of the Acura transmission troubles?
April 26, 2008.

Its either the transmission slips, bangs, d5 light blinks or any combination.
Slipping is when you step on the throttle and get no movement while the rpm goes up, banging is when you hear a " banging" noise followed by a strong forward jerk, the d5 blink means there is a code stored but does not necessarily mean that the transmission is bad.
The extended warranty is 7 years/120,000 miles but some dealers could provide an extension to the extension as courtesy.

Apr 30, 2008.