BRAKES HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Acura Integra

Ok I got an old 90 acura integra 2 wheel drive and has 144000 miles on it and the other day I was driving home and it seems like the back tires or front tires wont turn anymore I will hit the gas and it still wont move without a fight I have to push to 5-6 thousand rpms before it budges and I dnt kno wat to do the car almost over heats and all I can smell is burning clutch
i think the back calipers r stuck or maybe the front but I just replaced the calipers so I dnt think its them will anyone pls help me
August 10, 2007.

Hi there,

You best find out if it is the front, rear or both that are stuck. Jack up one wheel at a time and see how it turnes. If you have a siezed wheel, crack the bleeder to see if its a pressure related problem. Make sure hand brake is not stuck on, if all is well there get back on and I will think about where to go next.

Mark (mhpautos)

Aug 10, 2007.