1993 Acura Integra

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 228xxx miles

how do I check the CEL on a 1993 acura integra. I dont want to take it to the shop, and I have no idea were to look for the obd1 port thing can u help me
April 29, 2010.

Hi macdman,

The diagram shows the SCS. bridge it with a jumper ( papaer clip etc ) and turn ignition switch ON.

Count the blinking of the CEL to get the trouble code.

Apr 29, 2010.
Is there going to be any type of color that I might no which wire to pull? Becuase I look under there and there is alot of different wires and I dont know which one to pull. So idk what to do. Any suggestions

Apr 30, 2010.
You do not pull any wires.

Look for the 2 and 3 terminal unattached coupler.
If the holder is there, it should be a green rubber with 2 holding points for the couplers.

Apr 30, 2010.